What makes a consumer want to buy your product?

What makes a consumer want to buy your product on the shelf?

The Case

Companies spend billions on advertisements, POS materials and media campaigns, but the truth is that the first buying impulse is created by product packaging. Therefore, consistent, high-quality printed packaging is pivotal for any manufacturer and brand owner. Nobody buys a product with faded colours. Consumers won’t trust a brand incapable of providing clear and legible information on its packaging. Printed packaging quality is often crucial to ensuring success and future profit growth. When it comes to that “moment of truth,” a consumer decides between looking at your product and buying it; excellent design execution and high-quality packaging will be what makes the difference. With packaging, there are hundreds of things that can go wrong. The packaging contains a lot of messages from almost every division of the company that manufactures the product.

The Solution

At DSN, we take a holistic approach towards printed packaging quality. We understand that through careful planning and organization, we can play a pivotal role in connecting all stakeholders in the packaging process. DSN offers a wide range of solutions and services that can be tailored to your exact needs. The journey towards quality printed packaging means that you have to look at all angles of the “packaging supply chain”:

  • We outline your process steps and standard operating procedures
  • We allocate roles and responsibilities who will support you, oversee training and liaise with human resources
  • We communicate standards and tolerances, provide an objective evaluation, and audit and analyze key performance indicators

Systems we use to support you

  • Workflow management systems ensure flawless execution of projects and tasks
  • Asset libraries store and recycle approved content and centrally manage packaging files
  • Text and translation tools to gather and translate all packaging copy
  • Online proofing tools with automatic comparison features are better than the human eye and are never failing to spot even the slightest difference between DSN artwork and repro services
  • We include online proofing to ensure timely approval and traceability
  • We take into account all technical limitations
  • We work independently of third-party suppliers and thus maintain consistency across printers, packaging formats and printing surfaces
  • We utilize various ways of colour-proofing such as advanced colour management technology

We will assist you in developing successful packaging

The Results

Custom-made print-ready files.
Press Attendance.
Post-print analysis.
Printer selection and auditing.