Why is it faster working with a pre-press agency?

Final artworks are the technical execution of a design. Pre-press agencies have the know-how to translate a design into a ready-for-print artwork file. Pre-press agencies have expertise in layout, colour, regulatory compliance, image development, packaging die-cuts and technical print specifications. This enables pre-press companies to achieve high productivity and precise results in artwork execution.

Artwork and reprographics in one step
Minimal reworks and correction loops
Single point of contact
Strategic consultancy and partnering

Speed to market process

Artwork and reprographics in one step

Once the master design is approved, the rollout of that design into multiple artworks and variants starts. A variant can be a new flavour, a regional adaptation, a language cluster, resizing or a different pack type. Only a pre-press agency has the technical expertise and print know-how to create the final artworks. During the artwork process, the printing specifications are considered and reprographics are performed in order to save you time.

Minimizing reworks and correction loops

Reworks and correction loops are time-consuming; they delay the project and can become very costly. A straightforward process and an online validation tool can help lower the number of reworks, therefore reducing cost. Research has shown that brand owners who install a centralized artwork approach and validate the artworks simultaneously via an online tool decrease the number of additional corrections by 70%. The goal is to get it right the first time.

Single point of contact

In the graphical process, multiple stakeholders play a part. It is not easy to collaborate with so many providers and companies simultaneously. It is an excellent idea to complete the artwork process and manage the printing result by using one pre-press agency with a single point of contact. Imagine that the graphical process can be completed with just one briefing, then the artworks validated and printed according to your expectations.

Strategic consultancy and partnering

Brand owners are eager to launch new designs and new packaging developments into the market. It is reassuring to have a pre-press provider who streamlines these projects through services and online tools. In addition, you can rely on our brand knowledge and technical expertise to evaluate designs at an early stage, predict the impact of packaging materials on your design, and offer advice and best practices on all matters in the graphical process.

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