How do we reduce costs in the graphical process?

Cost reduction is achieved throughout the entire graphical process. First, a clear process is implemented, and stakeholders have specific roles and responsibilities. A straightforward process eliminates uncertainty and unnecessary tasks.

Secondly, an online platform is installed based on the agreed process. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, and the stakeholders take part in a hassle-free training session to help them get started quickly. The online platform reduces time-consuming email traffic.

DSN picks up the briefing from the platform almost immediately as the service provider, and executes the work as requested. The objective is to deliver artwork that’s right the first time, minimizing reworks.

We reduce costs through:

An online platform
Delivering artwork that’s right the first time
Minimizing rework

How do we reduce costs?

Design agency vs artwork agency

Design agencies translate the marketing strategy into a design. They define and create all design elements, backgrounds, images, colours and fonts. A design agency delivers the master design.

An artwork agency’s task is to transform the approved master design into a technical and printable artwork. Firstly, based on the master design, one or multiple master artworks are produced. The master artworks will need to be validated or amended. Once the master artworks are approved, the complete rollout of artwork begins. The artwork agencies are responsible for executing the flavour variants, language clusters, multiple pack sizes and pack types.

Artwork and reprographics in one step

Once the master design is approved, the rollout of that design into multiple artworks and variants starts. A pre-press agency has the technical expertise to create the final artworks, and also has the print technological know-how. It is intelligent and time-saving to consider the printing specifications and perform reprographics during the artwork process, and produce ready-to-print files at the same time.

Minimizing correction loops

The objective is to produce artwork that’s right the first time. With clear roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders and an online platform to streamline the flow, one can achieve this goal. The artwork agency validates the briefing and flags any inconsistencies or missing information upfront. Based on a validated briefing, the artwork agency executes the requested work. The work is inspected using a comprehensive checklist before uploading, using intelligent tools and text verification software.

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