Artwork Creation

What exactly does it mean?

The activity when a design for packaging or other printed application is assembled into a Technical Artwork File, validated, and approved with Text Codes, Technical Drawings, and Printer Specifications, ready for pre-press. All packaging Materials go through Artwork before releasing to printer.

What is the input?

Design Master File, Artwork Master File, Final text, Final Codes, Final Technical drawing, HR images, Colours, Printer specifications.

What is the deliverable?

Technical Artwork File

Artwork Lifecycle Management

A comprehensive artwork management solution brings governance and structure to the graphical process of packaging artworks. Implementing an intelligent workflow to control complex packaging artwork throughout the lifecycle enables real-time collaboration and simultaneous online validation.

You can take control over multiple artwork versions and constant changes in regulatory compliance, allowing you to avoid costly errors and minimize rework. Each artwork asset is tagged with metadata, making it easy for you to find and retrieve. You can also download and share the artwork for additional editing and repurposing.

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